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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 5, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. on this monday, april 5th, i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm elizabeth vargas. >> this morning, a powerful earthquake hits southern california and new mexico. and the u.s. consulate in pakistan. bombs exploding just 20 yards from the entrance. plus, the embattled chairman of the republican party breaks his silence. can michael steele talk about the visits to strip clubs. he joins us live. and a rescue, when his
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daughter fell 20 feet into the waters. this daring dad didn't hesitate a second. it is being called an easter miracle. we hope had you a good holiday weekend. robin's extending her a bit. we welcome elizabeth vargas. >> nice to be here. southern california, a major of earthquake hit there in northern mexico yesterday. 7.2, the most powerful to hit the region in two decades. and later, he is at the center of the controversy rocking the republican party. this morning, rnc chairman michael steele speaks for the first time about the donor scandal involving a strip club and what happens. lots of criticism. >> new criticism. also, this picture that made us all catch our breath. that dad diving through the water to save his toddler.
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she had slipped through a railing. she dropped 20 feet into 40 degree water. >> you always wonder as a parent if you would manage to keep it together and jump in and save your child. >> he sure did. we begin with the earthquake. we have coverage across the quake zone. sam champion will explain the science. we begin with david wright who is near the quake's epicenter in mexico. david. >> reporter:t's the biggest to hid the region in decades. this is big than the 1989 loma prieta quake that collapsed the san francisco bridge. and a lot bigger than the quake in los angeles. a lot of people in these parts said they have never felt anything so strong. the quake was so powerful, people felt it more than 300 miles away. in las vegas. >> it was the scariest thing i've ever experienced. >> reporter: the most severe damage is south of the border.
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mexicali, mexico, is just 19 miles from the epicenter. >> we were just looking around. i ow everything was falling off the shelves. everything was on ground. people were screaming. >> reporter: in tijuana, people didn't feel safe inside. outside, power lines were down. roadways cracked. we met this woman at the california border, she had just crossed over bringing supplies to her family. >> we just got water and food for them because there's no store open. everything's closed. no water. no electricity. >> reporter: buildings here in calexico, the hardest hit area. buildings were built in the '40s and '50s, not retrofit for the quakes. >> it's at least 20 million people at this point. >> reporter: minor property damage has been reported in southern california.
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not much more serious than waters in the pools, really. for many, it was a startling disruption of easter dinner. but in el centro, california, near the border of the state, a liquor store owner lost nearly half his inventory. >> it was a violent earthquake. it shook violently. i've never seen this before. >> reporter: in san diego, a student playing guitar, got way too much for comfort. and just look at what this earthquake did to this grocery store here. half the if goods are simply on the floor at this point. the hotel that we checked into last night. the mini bar and tv set were on the floor. all of the lamps were broken. this earthquake, it's go together take a little while to assess the damage. the miracle seems to be so far that the damage whaent a whole lot worse, elizabeth. >> thanks a lot. the earthquake was felt well up the coast of california. mike von fremd is in los angel with more on that.
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mike? >> good morning, elizabeth. this is not a time to breathe easy. the message, point blank, if you felt the first earthquake, expect to feel another. experts say the quake was so powerful that people on both sides of the border now have an increased chance of yet another one in the next few days. from san diego to los angeles, all the way to phoenix, pools sloshing, chandeliers shaking, windows shattering and stocked grocery shelves spilling. damage for most can be catastrophic. elizabeth? >> all right. mike von fremd in los angeles. thanks so much. and the earthquake and aftershocks were felt over thousands of square miles in two countries. an estimated 20. people felt it. sam champion has it all mapped out for us. good morning, sam. >> elizabeth, yeah, good morning. serious situation.
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we had a long talk with the usgs. this is 7.2 south of the border of mexico. if you want to find the fault responsible, we look forward to the laguna fault. the san andreas is the line that runs all the way into california that gs everyone's note dis. there's already been 300 aftershocks if you look around the 3 measurement. less than that there have been thousands. the expert we talked to, if you're going to get a 6 or above, it's likely in the next couple of days and it's likely in that area. again, pointing out it was so population areas it was very good news. we'll watch this carefully again. not connected to the san andreas, but connected to that center area. george? >> sam, thanks a lot. everyone on alert. we're going to talk to politics and a fight brewing in the republican water after revelations that the republican
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national committee spent nearly $2,000 on a strip club bus high-priced hotels. just yesterday, senior republicans in congress demanded changes at the top and refused to defend their party's chairman. in a moment, we'll speak to the man in the center, michael steele, when he breaks his silence. we win ji jon karl in washington. for republicans, michael steel's gee began at a wrong time. >> reporter: they're crying foul over free wheeling spending at the republican national committee and demanding shake up. >> this kind of thing has got to stop or we don't get any contributions. if we're going to show the american public that we believe in accountability, we have to believe at that rnsz has accountability, too. >> reporter: the biggest
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revelation is that the rnc spent nearly $2,000 at a hollywood sex club called voyeur. the employee who authorized that has been fired. but then the rnc shot itself in the foot again. >> i think the problem is hypocrisy. >> reporter: steele has be hammered for spending thousands on corporate jets and gourmet catering, prompting one conservative leader to stop donating to the rnc. >> what appears to be excessive spending at a time of economic hardship for most of the country. at the time when republicans are complaining about spending by democrats. look, if you can't run a party, you certainly can't run a country. >> despite the controversy, the rnc says the fund-raising is going fine. they've outraised the democratic committee in 7 of the last 12 months.
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>> okay, jon, thanks. michael steele, chairman of the republican national committee joins us now. >> good morning, mr. chairman. >> good morning, george. >> we heard senator kyl and their criticisms. the magazine did a poll of insider showing that 71% believe you're a liability to the party. only 20% believe you're an asset. listen to this. michael steele is an anchor around the neck of the future of the republican party. he needs to go. are you going to go? >> no. and i understand that, of course, they've been saying that since thday i got the job. the reality of it is, when i first heard about this, you know, behavior going on, i was very angry. and we dealt with it. we got to the bottom of it. the employee was similarly dismissed for going against
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internal policies and finance. we have been putting great controls in place as a matter of fact on some of the financing. those numbers that they talk about, you know, i'm not staying in fancy hotels and the four seasons and flying around in corporate jets. >> but you have spent -- >> pardon me? >> you have spent more than you've taken in? >> no. i had more money left over at the end -- i got a budget. i inherited a budget that had zero dollars left at the end of 2009. i had $8 million that we were able to husband after spending on new jersey, virginia and massachusetts. along with 37 other special elections around the country for state legislatures, mayors, offices and the like. so we have managed the money in a way that has allowed to us compete in some races that we otherwise wouldn't have been able to compete in. where we have all begun to put controls in place is on the spending, with respect to the types of events that our finance
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department has been putting on, where have the white house and both houses in congress. that's no longer the standard that we've been trying to get them to adjust to. a lot of these -- a lot of our donors, major donors are used to a particular type of event. we've been scaling those back. so i think a lot of this has really kind of taken it a lot further down the road and blowing it up larger than it needs to be. at the end of the day, i've raised more money than the democrats in 7 out of 12 months. i carry over the same amount of money as thenc into 2010. we had a very good march. we'll have a very good april. but the bottom line is, i hear my donors. i hear my base out there. i hear the leadership. and we're taking steps to make sure that we're even more, how shall we say, fiscally conservative in our spending. and certainly make sure that the dollars are there when it's time to run our campaigns. >> sarah palinaid last week,
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take her name off the republican fund-raiser in new orleans. have you spoken to her? is she coming back on board? >> yeah, i mean, the deal there was there was never an agreement for sarah to be lifted in the first place. i think someone jumped the gun there. it wasn't take her name off. it was she wasn't planning to be on that event so there's no need to list her there. i know a lot of people want to make more of it than there is. those 71% on capitol hill, those unnamed republicans who don't like me, well, i understand that. but i'll continue to work hard and try to win more races to get a majority in the congress this november. get a majority in the senate. win our governorships and get us competitive in 2012 with a nominee who will beat barack obama. that's what this is all about at the end of the day, winning elections. >> we've got questions on our blog. one from myron, he asked, do you feel as an african-american, you
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have a slimmer margin for error as another chairman would? >> the answer is yes. >> why is that? >> it just is. barack obama has a slimmer margin. a lot of folks do. it's a different role for, you know, for me to play and others to play. that's just the reality of it. but you take that as part of the nature of it. it's not -- it's more because you're not someone that they mow. i'm not a washington insider, even though i grew up here in d.c. my view on politics is much more grassroots oriented. it's not old boy network oriented. i tend to come at did stronger, streetwise, if you will. that's ruffled some feathers. at the end of the day, i'm judged by whether i win elections and raise the money. that's a standard i'm very comfortable with and look forward to meeting in november. >> final question, mr. steele,
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back in known 94, when congress took control, they didn't oppose it, they put out a contract will you be putting out a contract on america in 201 >> well, i've talked with newt gingrich and house leadership. i had this idea called first principles that i've talked about in the past year that home us back to those first principles that i think anchor us and anchor our candidates this fall. so hopefully, we'll have a working document, if you will, george that we can take to the american people that will clearly lay out who we are, what we believe, how we will lead and why it's imptant to move in a new direction. >> you intends to be at the top. . mr. steele, thanks for spending sometime with us. >> thank you, george. >> and now juju chang is back from her spring break. good morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news out of northwest pakistan where the u.s. consulate has come under
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attack. this dramatic video shows one of four explosions going outside in peshawar. a soldier, security guard were killed but it appear no, sir americans were injured. earlier, 41 people died at a bombing at a nearby political rally. well, in florida, space shuttle "discovery" lifted off this morning. it's carrying supplies to the space station. this mission will help set a record for the number of women in orbit. there are three in the shuttle and one is already on board the space station. and it was nothing short of a miracle inside of a coal mine in china. this morning, eight days after their mine was flooded trapping them underground, 115 men were pulled out. one of the men, strapped to a stretch, joined the crowd there in clapping. that's news at 7:15. some of those miners ate sawdust to survive so they wouldn't drown while sleeping.
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>> what a miraculous story. more than 100 survived. >> thanks, juju. back to sam champion for a check of the morning's weather. good morning, elizabeth, george, juju. this is the second day in a row where we'll have severe weather. omaha, dubuque, all the way to chicagoland. small fronts moving through very warm air, by the way, in the middle of the country all the way to the east. on the west coast it's been cool and damp. and watch e dry air move to southern california as the front and low moves that way. that will happen later this afternoon. you'll start out with showers and gusty snow in the north. the warm summerlike weather continues in the south. 80 degrees near washington, d.c. new york about 20 degrees above normal.
7:17 am
a very good morning, brian van de graaff here and the temperatures are mild, in the 50's. we have some fog outside with a mix of sunshine. the temperatures are where they should be bought less than yesterday. there are a few clouds pushing across the area. it will be mild and mid and upper 70's and 50's >> all of >> all of america's weather in
7:18 am
the next half hour. elizabeth, at the risk of bragging -- >> yeah. >> -- george and like 80 in new york by the middle of the week. >> oh, we've earned it with the winter we've had. thanks so much, sam. now, to tiger woods returning to competitive golf this week at the masters. today, he will face the first press conference since the sex scandal that turned his career upside down as it broke five months ago. abc's john berman is in augusta with a preview. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. well, you know, he doesn't play until thursday, in many ways today could be an even bigger day. at the news conference and play a practice round perhaps in front of thousands of fans. it could be the only time he comes out of this hermetically sealed cocoon. you could see the squirreling interest around tiger woods. flanked by the super blanket of security. security guards and plain-clothes pinkerton guards
7:19 am
control the 300-plus acres at augusta national. a report in "daily mail" said there are armed guards on with photos of tiger's mistresses just in case. he will have to face reporters. >> this is going to be the first time tiger really doesn't have control. >> reporter: he will likely face questions he has dodged until now. about the night he was crashed, his marriage and his treatment. >> it's between elin and myself. >> reporter: we don't know what he'll answer now, and we don't know if his wife elin is with him in augusta. what we do know is because woods has won the masters four times, he'll have privacy and a barrier even from other golfers if he wants it. he gets to use the super exclusive champions locker room, separate from the main locker room. so far, his fellow golfers seem pleased to have him back. and the ty of augusta, now buzzing with media and fans is
7:20 am
pleased, too. now, looking ahead this week, tomorrow and wednesday, more practice rounds. then wednesday night, the super clusive champions dinner. a dinner with all of the masters past champions. this could be the first time that many of golf's greats get to talk to tiger about what's been going on the last five months. george, elizabeth. >> that should be an interesting dinner. our sister network espn will broadcast the masters live on thursday. and the thursday and friday. coming up, this notre dame football recruit, tragedy far from the holt balcony. was he drinking? what you need to know about your children and spring break coming up. that really hit me, and got me thinking bout my health. i knew i had to get my cholesterol under control. but exercise and eating healthy ween't enough for me. now i trust my heart to lipitor. [ male announcer ] when diet and exercise are not enough,
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red onions... jalapenos... banana peppers... tomatoes... black forest ham... and sweet onion sauce. melted cheese all on english muffins... or flat bread... however you want it! [ male announcer ] spread the word -- subway now has breakfast! get the deliciousness just the way you want it, like the subway western egg white muffin melt. build your better breakfast at subway. reach for advil. >> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> it is now 7:22 on this nday, april 5. we begin with a check on traffic. spring break is over?
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we have more people on the roadways as a result but no major disappointments. heavier volume on 270 but very doable this morning. let's go to the 14th street bridge for anyone coming out of virginia into the district, this is a good party flashing light is for southbound 395 out of the district and across the 14th street bridge. it is beautiful in rosslyn, beautiful and 110, beautiful and washington boulevard, and nothing complicated on 270. a very good morning, a live shot across the city and you can see some clouds it will be partly cloudy today and mild. we will climb well into the
7:24 am
70's. we will look for a possibility of a mountain shower. temperatures will be in the low to mid 70's later in the day. >> we will be right back. affect wheat output in the u.s., the shipping industry in norway, and the rubber industry in south america? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus
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with investment objectives, risks, fees, expenses, and other information to read and consider carefully before investing. montgomery county police have no identified the officer killed in a car crash in wheaton yesterday morning. officer hector ziell aiella had been with the force
7:26 am
foseven years and the cause of the crash is under investigation metro is getting high marks. most metro riders or rate the transit agency favorably after a series of accidents. >> metro is getting the green light from its writers. 80% of metro rail riders' rate the system as good or excellent this comes on the heels of a tough week for the transit agency. saturday, a metro bus driver allegedly stopped his bus and waved a person over who we thought was a prostitute. it was an undercover officer. >> metro does not pay guys to set around. they do their job. friday, a metro bus driver was accused of pulling out a night during a verbal altercation with the driver of a car. >> i think that is ridiculous.
7:27 am
>> several metro drivers of the past years have been disciplined for using an electronic devices on the job. crashes of claimed the lives of more than 10 passengers. still, those that wereurveyed today are satisfied with the service. >> metro buses and county buses got high ratings from riders. redskins fans had something to look forward to. the philadelphia eagles have traded quarterback donovan mcnabb to the redskins. the sixth time pro bowl player has led the eagles to five nfc championships as wellas a super bowl. he is an accomplished quarterback who has been a proven winner and will set a high standard, according to the coach. we will be back with another
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news update at 7:56. for continous news coverage, tune in to our sister station, newschannel8
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(train child) the train is now arriving. (announcer) the train has arrived indeed. amtrack. enjoy the journey. ♪ ♪ there they are, getting ready on the white house lawn for the annual easter egg roll this morning. and we see got sesame street there, the smurfs in there. 30,000 parents and kids expected for the easter egg roll. it's the longest tradition. >> and dr. seuss there, george. >> all the way back to 1878. good morning, america, i'm george stephanopoulos here with elizabeth vargas. >> robin roberts is off. guess how many eggs it takes? >> i cheated.
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20,000. ahead this morning, we have a dramatic rescue all caught on tape. a dad dives into the water after his 2-year-old daughter falls into the east river. it's absolutely astonishing he was able to keep his composure. >> he acted so quickly. also, "dancing with the stars" is back tonight. erin andrews says she's going to dance despite the death threats. also, "dancing with the stars," how pam, nisei and kate are juggling it all. first, the second panama city fall in less than two weeks. matthew jameses, a promising young football player, one week shy of his 18th birthday, fell from the fifth story of the hotel where he was staying with 40 of his fellow students from his cincinnati high school. ron claiborne is in panama city with the latest, ron? >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. behind me is the hotel where matt james fell to his death
7:32 am
just a few days ago. police say that alcohol was involved, yet, another tragic reminder of the risks of young people partying on spring break. ♪ >> reporter: in his family's hometown church, a brief but poignant remembrance. >> in hope of resurrection, especially matt james on this easter morning, to shine upon them >> reporter: matt james was 17 years old, a stand-out offensive lineman headed to notre dame next year. over the weekend, grief-stricken classmates gathered on the st. xavier saints football field. on facebook, a video tribute to >> he was as nice as he could be. always had a smile on his face. great, funny kid. he always had a kind word for somebody. >> reporter: but the friends who were with him and police describe a different matt james in his final moments. arguing with people on the
7:33 am
neighboring hotel balance connah. >> at some point, during that conversation, as he was leaning over the balcony rail, unfortunately, he toppled over top and fell to his death. >> reporter: james' accident was the fourth balcony fall in panama city. just weeks ago, 19-year-old brandon koller died when he plunged from a different hotel balcony, alcohol was also involved. for spring break, many of them minors ascend on the beach. >> i just want to be crazy. >> reporter: where are the adults? >> adults that are supposed to be supervising them are fooled about how mature these teenagers are. unfortunately, they're still unmature. >> reporter: matt james came with 40 people, reportedly with half a dozen chapper roans.
7:34 am
a child psychologist has a key recommendation, know your child. even if your child can't handle the temptations of spring break, they probably shouldn't be going on spring break, even with adult supervision. >> we turn to panama city's deputy police crew chief, major david humphreys. good morning. >> good morning. >> where were the chaperones when this accident happened? >> i'm not sure of the exact location of each chaperone, but several at least were in the hotel, not in the room with mr. james, but the area. >> would you about able to ascertain whether the adults were a pretty consistent presence during this party? >> we're still looking into those issues. and i think that's probably some issues that the organizersf the trip need to look into. as far as our investigation into the accident and whether or not any criminal charges would be pressed we're still looking into those issues and where the
7:35 am
alcohol came from and so forth. >> i was just going to ask. matt and his friends were all under age. where did they get the alcohol for this party? >> well, we've talked to numerous people in the group and no one seems to be forthcoming with any information as to where mr. james did receive the alcohol. we continue do look for people who may be willing to talk to us, and give us that information. but at this point, again, nobody seems to be forthcoming with any positive information of that aspect. >> at this point, none of the kids who were there at that party or the adults are cooperating with the investigation? >> i wouldn't say they're not cooperating. but no one seems to have any information with regards to the alcohol. >> would you press charges against the adult who provided it? >> that's certainly a possibility. certainly, if someone were to provide a minor with alcohol and obviously leading into a tragic event like this, that's certainly a possibility.
7:36 am
>> how intoxicated was matt, do you know? >> we'll have to await the autopsy results to get the numbers on it. according to the witnesses and many of his friends, he was to the point that where he was pretty belligerent and had broken some things in the hotel room prior to the fall. >> i know you have your hands full this spring season with lots of teenagers drinking and under age. what dcan you do to get a bette handle on this? this is the second young man who died falling in less than two weeks. clearly there's a problem here. >> in this case, you talk about what -- you know, how to get a handle on this. you know, in this case, the young man was on the balcony with his friends. there was no indication that he was, you know, any distress, as far as falling off the balcony. the people in the room next to him were trying to help calm him down from a stage of bligerance.
7:37 am
he leaned over the rail, to shake his finger at these people and talk to them. i don't know if you were standing right there, could you prevent anything to help him. >> major humphries, it's a tragic situation and a difficult situation for parents sending their children to spring break. thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> you can get more spring break tips at george. a heroic father's dramatic rescue of his 2-year-old daughter. it was taught on tape. andrea canning has the story. >> reporter: it was a terrifying scene, on this rope, as david anderson desperately tries to save his 2-year-old. >> it's the most dramatic thg i've ever seen.
7:38 am
>> reporter: eric stringer, a witness to the fail, captured the dramatic rescue. >> it seemed like a movie scene. >> reporter: the little girl was aboard this historic ship when she slipped from the railing plunging into the water below. witnesses heard a splash and a loud scream. that's when her dad jumped into action. >> you heard medal banging. it was like superman, kind of in one motion. goes right over. hesitates half a second to identify where his daughter is. i seen him go if feet first. >> reporter: witnesses say brigget was sinking fast. when her father pulled her up, she was motionless. >> my heart started to stop. then i heard a cry. >> reporter: a welcomed sign to all who heard it. >> the fact that she came out of the water breathing and generally unscathed. it seemed like somebody provided
7:39 am
intervention. >> reporter: for "good morning america," andrea canning, abc news, new york. >> i cannot watch that without -- >> easter miracle. david anderson was well prepared. he was ski patrol. >> i'm actually takes notes. do you take everything out of your pocket. look first and go straight feet first. i think you'd be -- as i said earlier, i think i'd panic. >> he did everything right in exactly the right amount of ti. just incredible. and, sam that water's cold. >> it's so funny that you mention that, george. it may be in the 80s in air temperature but that water temperature's still in the 40s. it's the kind of thing when you hit that water, every bit of water goes out of your body in an exhale. it's an automatic body response. let's get to the boards. and wabc. gorgeous weather out there. and it's going to stay out there this week. at the risk of talking about it way too much.
7:40 am
80s probably by the time we get to the middle of the week. let's see who gets what. as the warm care comes out of the south and rushes to the eastern seaboard. boston two days of that, atlanta, you stay in the 80s. raleigh as well. 88 degrees. i can't even say this is may weather. this is definitely june temperatures going on. big gusty winds as the east coast is warm. as the low steps out of there, there will be strong winds, 50 to 60 miles per hour. also, look at the snow that's falling here. in some cases, salt lake city in van de graaff here and we are in the 50's this morning with some clout. it will be upper 70's today. tonight, into the >> that
7:41 am
>> that weather was brought to you by royal caribbean international. george? >> about, sam, thanks. when we come back, tory johnson is here. she's going to tell us where those new jobs are. meanwhile, 3-year-old axel rode his first carousel at sea. taylor from florida went surfing somewhere in the middle of the ocean. and finally, the turners and kratzes enjoyed dinner in central park. that's the news. i'm stilt walker christy piper, on royal caribbean's oasis of the seas. why aren't you? day after day, allergy season drags on. oh, how many days are you going to suffer? nasonex is the only prescription that's proven to help prevent most seasonal nasal allergy symptoms, including congestion, so you can have more symptom-free days. [ female announcer ] side effects were generally mild and included headache, viral infection, sore throat, nosebleeds and coughing. it does not come in generic form, so ask your doctor about nasonex.
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and that works for me. only with your giant card. if you're looking for work, your next best hope could be temping. the job market is starting to come back to life, in part base the temp business is booming.
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40,000 new jobs at the time it's been growing for the last six months. "gma" workplace contributor tory johnson joins us on how this may work for you. good morning. >> good morning, george. >> 40 out of 162,000 jobs last month from temping. where are these jobs? >> they're maintenance, assembly line, food handlers. that is typical, they say, of a classic recovery. those are the jobs that should come back. in addition, they're also seeing a stable increase in demand for highly skilled workers. people like accountants, lawyers, computer workers. those who fall in the category of technical and professional services which in many ways is far from the dated image of the temp worker as clerical workers.
7:46 am
also for a note, an interesting study that came out recently from the university of florida, on average, temporary workers earn 15% more per hour than their permanent counterparts for the same work so this can be really a viable opportunity right now. >> that is really surprising. if you wanted one of these temporary jobs, what's the best way to go about it? >> two different ways, to the federal government where we're seeing the government hiring all the temporary census workers. then to a staffing firm, the benefit of a staff be firm is access to a wide awray of opportunities. you want to find a reputable staffing firm that specializes in your industry. i'm a big fan of the staffing firm, that association lists more than 14,000 locations across the united states so you can find something specifically in your area. in addition, i'd say register yourself for multiple agencies.
7:47 am
don't let yourself rely on any one. and treat is like you would any job interview. this is your chance to really go in and wow them. cold-call the staffing firm and ask them how do they receive resumes. do they receive walk-in candidates. >> you have to treat it like any other opportunity, but the truth is, this is not a full-time job. what are the chances that a temp job can lead to a full-time job? and what does someone deal with that stigma that you g pegged as a full-time worker? >> consider that as a paid position for the full-time job. you wow them so they don't want to get rid of you. even if you don't want to work for that specific temporary, that temporary gap can fill a gap on your resume to get you hired. the most important thing is to recognize this is a free agent right now. freelancers, tech workers,
7:48 am
whatever you want to call them are highly respected professionally. speak of it with confidence. don't apologize for your temp work. >> thanks very much. more advice on how to deal with free agent nation on still ahead, what would you do if your spouse came home and said he didn't love you anymore? what this woman did that caused an internet sensation. - we can make it to paperclip mountain. looks like somebody needs a comfort inn. hi, reservation for the carter family. uh, yes, your room is ready. free high-speed internet. relaxing pool. cozy beds. and free breakfast with hot waffles. need to relax after a long day of vacation? comfort inn. now stay two separate times with comfort inn... or any choice hotel and earn a free night. book at i have asthma. and that's what it sounded like when my symptoms came back. i'd get this tightness in my chest. like i was breathing through a straw. so i went back to my doctor again. we talk about choices in controller medicines.
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7:52 am
everything. a mother who really spoiled her and then got fed up. and wanted to teach her a lesson about values. the journey that changed their lives forever. >> and with "dancing with the stars," how nici and kate are juggling the demands of the show and their children. trust me, it's not easy. it's a revolutionary way to grow a great garden. liquafeed makes feeding .as easy as watering. no measuring, mixig or guessing. just attach, insert and feed. plants get the perfect balance... of water and nutrients... to grow twice as big. liquafeed from miracle-gro. and prevent weeds up to 3 months with miracle-gro garden weed preventer.
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>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning again and thank you for joining us at 7:56 on this monday, april 5. i am alison starling and we begin with a check on the roadways. it is better than average out there. we are looking live at the beltway in virginia, delays begin at robinson terminal to get up to tyson's where they are doing construction. no accidents to report on 395 between the beltway and the 14th
7:57 am
street bridge. this is 95 northbound on pulte left. there are no delays and his camera. it is beautiful on the dulles greenway and the dulles toll road and a nice ride on 270. we have some clouds across the city but all in all, it will be a good day. the temperatures will be back in the 70's p. it is a nice looking day if you're down at the white house for the easter egg roll. tomorrow, lots of sunshine and shooting for the mid-80's and hot for wednesday. we will have some storms later in the week. thousands of people are now converging on the white house for the annual easter egg roll. they are promoting health and
7:58 am
wellness. special guests today will include the cast of the television show "glee." we will be back with another news update at 8:25. for continous news coverage, tune in to our sister station, newschannel8
7:59 am
8:00 am
good mor good morning america continues. and we're so happy to be back in times square this morning. good morning, america, i'm george stephanopoulos. and elizabeth vargas joins us. >> it's great to be here. you folks are also, and it's great to be here. >> you also have a great story coming up in a couple minutes. >> we do. how many parents have said to their kids money doesn't grow on trees? we are going to meet a mother
8:01 am
who decided to take her daughter to the slums of issueia to teach her a lesson to give her a lesson in life. you're going to see an incredible documentary in just a few minutes. it's also sparked a controversy. >> this is a mom who really thought she created a monster and fixed it herself. and also the battle for the over-the-counter main medication. which stores have the best deals? we check in with secret shoppers who did all the research for us. i think you'll be surprised at what they found. and "dancing with the stars" is back. we're behind the scenes with the moms. pamela anderson, kate gosselin and niecy nash. >> can you believe those women? >> and erin andrews is going to dance tonight despite the fact that she's getting death threats on her e-mail.
8:02 am
she says she's going to dance tonight. first, juju chang and the morning news. welcome back. >> good morning, george. good morning, everyone. well a strong aftershock has rattled southern california following sunday's 7.2 quake south of the border. our david wright is in calexico. david, you felt the aftershock there. >> reporter: we sure did, juju. it was a big one. and when those hit, you don't want to be standing underneath those buildings. those cracks caused by yesterday's earthquake, bigger than anything they've seen in this region in more than 20 years. big than the 1989er quake that struck in the bay area. bigger than the 1994 quake in the san francisco area. silver lining here, this is a relatively sparsely populated area so the damage could have been a lot worse. as it is it was felt as far away as las vegas. some of the aftershocks felt even in the wine country of
8:03 am
california. we certainly felt it in los angeles. only one person confirmed killed by the earthquake so far south of the border in mexicali. they're just beginning to cease the damage. most of the border in south of the border in mexico. juju. >> david wright reporting live. and now the other big story this morning, the taliban has claimed responsibility for the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in pakistan this morning. at least two pakistani guards were killed. our nick schifrin is in pakistan. nick? >> reporter: juju, this is the first major attack in pakistan's northwest frontier where they launched attacks in pakistan but also on troops across the border in afghanistan. there were actually four attacks today, three of which were actually on camera. at about 1:19 local time, you can see a massive plume of smoke. that's from the first bomb. right after that militants got close enough to the consulate, they were actually able to fire
8:04 am
rocket-propelled grenades into the compound. and then a second bomb exploded just around the corner from the first attack. and two minutes after that one, it was the third massive explosion and another huge plume of smoke. now, according to preliminary information, at least three security guards outside of the consulate have been killed, but no americans were injured or killed in the attack. nonetheless, it is a direct strike at the hat of the u.s. effort in this region. an area that will determine the future not only of pakistan but afghanistan as well. juju? >> nick schifrin reporting from pakistan. our thanks to you. well, in other news, strong currents are hampering efforts to protect australia's great barrier reef from a chinese coal ship that ran a ground. tugboats will now try to prevent it from breaking apart and spilling the 300,000 gallons of fuel onboard. in medical news, a new study finds breast-feeding can save lives and money. researchers have estimated that nearly 900 babies would be saved
8:05 am
each year in the united states if 90% of mothers breast-fed their babies for the first six months. and they say breast-feeding could also save $13 billion in medical and other costs. >> now, a look at what's coming up on "world news." here's diane sawyer. >> a good monday to you, juju. the big stories of this day, but also, they're called fishing tours but offers of girls and sex. it's an investigation on "world news." and later this week, what you don't know about your credit card bill. see you tonight. >> and of course, we look forward to all of that. that's the news at 8:05. sam, we can't talk about the nice weather enough. >> juju, i want to you know that was for you, because they realize this is your first day back from spring break. we wanted you to feel particularly welcome. >> that is so nice. thank you. >> it's always hard that after monday after vacation to kind of
8:06 am
get it together and shake it off. >> exactly. ah. >> we're going to start with a twitter picture. as we said, look, we've even got a sign about it. the shuttle went off this morning at about 6:21 a.m. this twitter picture from key west. they pointed the camera north. look at the white clouds that are in the middle of it. this is what they say is kind of like the plume, the trail of the shuttle going up. we believe them because nasa said anyone out on that florida coastline would be able to see the shuttle moving this morning. this is what the storm situation looks like today. omaha, dubuque, chicagoland, kansas city involved in the storms. that will drop to the south tomorrow. and as the moves along the coastline, that means strong gusts of winds 50 to 60 miles per hour, plus. a very good morning to you, brian van de graaff here in washington and looking at some
8:07 am
blue skies mixed with clouds parted it will be partly cloudy and it is 56 degrees right now. it looks like a good day with a light southwesterly breeze. you will see a little bit of moisture off to the west and maybe there'll be a chance of a shower in the mountains. 50's tonight and 80 degrees shower in the mountains. 50's tonight and 80 degrees tomorrow. >> all r >> all right, taylor, tell me what the sign says. >> it says, good morning, ash ri asheville north carolina. >> it does. and now, are we spoiling our kids by giving them too much? tracy jackson say mom living in new york city who worried that her daughter taylor was becoming
8:08 am
spoiled. after the 15-year-old charged $1,000 a month at restaurants in one month, she took taylor to the slums of india and made a documentary called "lucky ducks." take a look. >> which is real which is fake? >> that's real. >> reporter: they call themselves ducks, as in lucky ducks, lucky because they grow up privileged kids. in this case, on manhattan's upper east side. kids who have nothing and have what seems like everything. >> $12,018 worth of stuff. >> reporter: mom, tracy jackson said she was a duck herself. she gained notoriety as a screen write of "confessions of a shopaholic." for this, she turned director and turned it to her daughter. >> i didn't ask for that! >> reporter: tracy thinks taylor is so spoiled that she comes up with a plan. >> i decided to send her to the slums of india. to spend her spring break teaching children english.
8:09 am
>> reporter: taylor not only survived. she actually seemed to thrive helping these children. back in comfortable surroundings, mother and daughter slash yet again. >> you're yelling at me! >> reporter: it was only then that tracy realizes it is not only taylor who needs to be fixed, she needs to resolve issues of her own, past and present. in the end, this documentary is a journey, not only about a trip to india, it's about mothers and daughters and finding common ground. >> and joining us now are the stars of "lucky ducks." tracy jackson and her daughter taylor temperatureton. templeton. that's tough stuff. any regrets letting it all hang out? >> people ask us that. no, i feel like it's really going to matter because i showed it for all it was. >> was there an aha moment.
8:10 am
that maybe she was doing things that weren't for the best? >> yeah, i think with kids it builds up. i think with girls, probably you would agree, from 16 to 16, you start seeing this sea change from child to young teenagehood. the yelling. the talking back. the proverbial, if i talked to my parents this way i would have never gotten away with it. but you wake up and go, i can't take this anymore. it's about two years in. at 15. i just went, i can't live like this. if we keep going, it's only going to get much worse. >> how much do you think you are to blame for not setting enough limits? for buying her the lovely things that you see in the documentary? >> oh, i think parents -- i'm totally the blame. that's what it comes about. >> do you, taylor?
8:11 am
>> 100%. >> everything is my fault. >> you make the radical lesson of teaching your daughter a lesson by sending her to the slums of indian. why india? >> i have a great love of india. i have made some films in india we have a school that we do have support. absolutely it's valid. it's probably right outside this door that people need to be helped. but the poverty of india is so in your face. getting away from her life completely. >> you said in removing her. >> exactly. >> like you can't go home. >> you can go to the soup kitchen and do a lot of good. and i'm not in any way saying that they shouldn't. but you go to india, you're in the middle of it. there's no way out. you don't have a cell phone. you can't text. you can't go home at night and
8:12 am
come to bed. >> taylor, what did you think when your mom proposed this idea? were you horrified? shocked, angry? >> i was horrified. i was nervous. it really didn't hit me until i got there and i was alone and forced to embrace the experience for what it was. >> and did you think that you were, as your mother called you, entitled or spoiled? >> i understood her point and why she wanted to do it. at the time, it didn't really seem as necessary. now looking back on it. i'm extremely grateful, not oy for the particular trip, but for the entire journey. >> it's one thing to send your daughter to the slums of india and go through this. it's another thing to film it and make a movie out of it. why did you decide to make a movie out of it? >> well, i'd been wanting to make a documentary.
8:13 am
quite frankly, a book came out that i thought this would be a good thing to do called "the price of privilege" by madeline levine. this wasn't a problem for privileged kids, it was a problem that spanned across society in general in one level or another. it's a matter of how much. i thought if it's this important to me, it must be important to other families. there were other families that this was going on. i may be we would have a story to tell. >> very quickly, what lessons do you think you learned? >> i think the most important lesson i really did learn is embracing every child growing up has issues. it's something universal. it's a matter of facing them, embracing them, accepting them and then changing them so once you respect yourself enough to make those decisions that you can help others and mac a difference. >> taylor, tracy, it's a fascinating documentary. and i think it will spark a lot
8:14 am
of debate between parents and teenagers. thanks for being here this morning. it's called "lucky ducks." and next, we go behind the scenes with the moms of "dancing with the stars." ♪ mmm... hot fudge sundae. ♪ ooh! frosted blueberry?!? ♪ over 25 flavors of kellogg's pop-tarts®. and they're all for fun and fun for all. pop-tarts®. made for fun.
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8:18 am
death threats against "dancing with the stars" contestant and espn correspondent erin andrews. her attorney says she's received multiple threats via e-mails, but she vowed not to drop out saying i don't quit on things. she'll be dancing tonight including the show's three mothers. how do they juggle the demanding schedule of motherhood. we go behind the scenes to find out. >> reporter: pamela anderson, kate gosselin and niecy nash all share the pressures of juggling their "dancing with the stars" schedule, while off camera, raising kids as divorced moms. >> it's definitely a challenge. it's a good challenge. this is organizational skills to the max. the key to feeding lots of people is moving very quickly so they don't get grouchy. >> reporter: kate gosselin
8:19 am
became a household name starring with eight kids on a reality show. her ex-husband helps watch the kids at their home in pennlvania while she's on the show. but even when she's at home rehearsing, she wishes she could spend more time with their children. >> i miss them. i had a meltdown while we were dancing. and i heard them upstairs, and i just like started crying. and i was like, i just miss my kids. >> reporter: pamela anderson. >> i drop my kids offer at school, i go straight to rehearsal. i pick them up after rehearsal. it's been a challenge, you always but your kids first. >> reporter: how do you juggle being one of the world's most famous sex symbols and being a great mom. >> i don't think of myself as a sex symbol. i think of myself as a mom, i guess. >> reporter: a protective mom when it comes to the privacy of
8:20 am
her 12 and 13-year-old sons. she refuses to have their photos publicized. you can tell us why that it? >> i don't think they should unless they decide later on in life. >> reporter: single mom niecy nash claims raising her 18-year-old son and two daughters 18 and 10 is tougher than being a mom to toddlers. >> i disagree with the notion that somehow my kids can't can take care of themselves because they're older. they can't. the truth of the matter is, it's easier when they're young. you don't require much. something to eat. a popsicle for a snack and a nap. let's talk about when your children are faced with life decisions. life, love, trying to navigate their hormones. who they're going to hang around. trying to see them clear to graduation. all of those things are far harder than a snack and a nap. >> i was wondering if you had any comment on that. >> here's my comment when people
8:21 am
startalking about teenagers. ma, ma, ma. i don't want to hear about it. >> i mean, if it gets hard -- >> yeah, i just don't want to deal with today. >> what's the biggest misconception out you? >> that i'm using my kids for fame and fortune. that just does me in. i'm in a job that any work that comes my way in this job is the most cost effective. i hate being away from my kids. >> i've got to tell you being a father, it was the hardest part being away from my kids. i had full-time backup. i have a new-found respect for these three contestants. even when i was interviewing pamela anderson, she was trying to rush through to get back to her kids. the death threats? ack despite
8:22 am
>> exactly. she's not a quitter. i guess they have everybody involved that needs to be involved to make sure she's okay. >> okay. you can see them compete tonight on "dancing with the stars," that starts at 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central. what do you mean? this is it? why?! oh, don't do that to me! dove creamoil body wash. now with nutrium moisture. nutrium moisture. i'm a believer. the nourishment in dove creamoil goes somehow deeper. i'm happy about the change. change is good. dove creamoil body wash.
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8:25 am
>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. i am doug mckelway at 6:00 -- at 8:25. there are no major disappointments on the road. 270, 9in and out of baltimore is pretty good. 95 in virginia has a crash at the prince william county parkway in woodbridge but that will be on the shoulder when you get there. it is a sunny day at a brief delay on the inner loop at colesville road. the beltway is moving at speeds. .
8:26 am
395 has traffic across the 14th street bridge in and outbound. a very good morning, brian van de graaff here looking at the sunshine. temperatures this morning are coming in in the low 50's. we will top out in the 70's. it will not be quite as sunny as yesterday but mile. we have a system that is off to the west end will bring in extra clouds. partly cloudy and mild through the afternoon and tonight, it will be in the high of 50's. 80's tomorrow and wednesday amid
8:27 am
an upper 80's. >> we will be right back.
8:28 am
the washington redskins will get quarterback donovan mcnabb from the philadelphia eagles. mike shanahan calls the sixth time pro bowl star a proven winner. this is opening day for the washington nationals. president barack obama will throw out the first ball. it is the 100th anniversary of that trap -- presidential tradition. the game gets started at 1:35 this afternoon. metro is reading metro riders demands. >> metro is getting t green light from its riders.
8:29 am
80% of metro rail riders raised the system as a good. this comes on the heels of a tough week at the transit agency. saturday, a metro bus driver stopped his bus near ninth street and southern and weighed over a person he thought was a prostitute. it turned up to be an undercover officer. >> metro does not pay guys to do this. they are paid to do their job and that is unprofessional about friday, a met bus driver was accused of pulling out a knife during an altercation. >> this is ridiculous. >> over the past years, several metrobus drivers have been reprimanded for using electronic devices on the bus. those that were surveyed today are satisfied with the service. we will another news update at 8:56. for continous news coverage,
8:30 am
tune in to our sister station, newschannel8 ♪ rollin' rollin' on the river ♪ they are already rolling the eggs at the white house this morning on the white house lawn. this is a tradition started back by dolly madison. she had the first roll in the white house. >> in 1815. >> 1815, that's right. and they moved to the south lawn. >> in 1878. >> everybody's a little smarr this morning. good morning. i'm george stephanopoulos here with elizabeth vargas. in for robin this morning and welcoming back juju chang from spring break. >> back from florida. coming up this morning, what would you do if your husband
8:31 am
came home and said he doesn't love you anymore? well, you're going to meet a woman whose reaction became an internet sensation. you and i were talking, we both read her column last summer and really an impression. >> read it three times over. i cannot believe her story. she stuck with it. it's an incredible story. >> talk about don't take no for an answer. >> exactly >> you know, my kids get spring allergies. it turns out where you shop may have an impact on what price you pay. we're going to take a look at what chains do best. should you go to walmart? should you go to cvs? >> we'll tell you. >> sam is hiding in the crowd. >> good morning, everyone. i'm guessing over-the-countermedication, probably allergies, the number one spenders. who's got allergy situations? not everybody. but wait till you get outdoors. one or two things we want to you
8:32 am
know as you go out the door on your monday. we'll look at a fly-by. from the deep south, gorgeous. 10 to 20 degrees above normal. on the west coast, 10 to 12 degrees below normal. salt lake city has a winter storm warning out this evening. 2 to 5 inches of snow there but that won't start until later on tonight as the temperature drops. a very good morning, temperatures are in the upper 50's downtown this morning. we will have a high of 78 degrees today. tomorrow, more of sunshine in the mid-80's. >> all right. it's getting better as we go down the road. all that weather was brought to
8:33 am
you by the alzheimer'wayzheimer association. now back to -- >> george. thank you very much, what's your name? >> what's your name? >> ronnie. >> thank you, ronnie. great introduction. here's the question of the morning, what would you do if your spouse came home and said i don't love you anymore. i'm not sure i ever did. i'm moving out." our next guest, it's how she reacted that changed everything. >> i'm laura munson. i'm a writer. i'm in my 40s. i graduated from college in 1988, where i met my husband, we wanted the rural life so we moved to montana where we've been for 17 years. what we thought was a great life all along until two years ago when we had a marital crisis. he came in one day, i think i'm done. i think i want to move out. i'm not sure if i love you anymore. i'm not sure if i ever did. i looked at him and said i don't
8:34 am
buy it. i knew this man. i knew it was my job to get out of his way. if he was going to come back to me as an equal partner, that had to be somebody that he chose. you can't make somebody love you. >> laura munson, elizabeth and i were talking about it, it really caught our attention. she got such an overwhelming response, it shut down the website. the memoir "this is not the story you think it is." it is an unforgettable story because of your reaction. your husband comes home and says i don't love you anymore. i never thought i did. you described it as a sucker punch. >> i knew this man. we'd been together for 20 years. i really saw this as a crisis of his own self. knew if he was going to get through it, my job was to get out of his way.
8:35 am
>> you said get out of his way. when i first thought about it, i thought, wait a second, maybe you're delusional, maybe it is about you and the marriage and he really does want out. >> i believed in us. what's more powerful than gut reaction? we love in a reactionary society. ultimately, this is not a strategy about staying together, it's a philosophy about taking care of yourself during a crisis. >> and this was a real crisis, but did you decide to stick in there. and you laid out how you were going to handle it. you set a time limit. but in the meantime, you had to deal with -- you had superhuman patience. you said your husband stopped coming home. when he was home, he was distant. you said on your birthday, he didn't even wish you happy birthday. >> when we got married part of our wedding vows were from the
8:36 am
essay that talks about solitude. we thought that relationships were a partnerships. we also live in a beautiful part of the country, so it meant for him a lot of fishing. a lot of getting out in nature. and a lot of working through his stuff in nature. >> what did you tell your kids? >> well, we're not teaching them this. we're not dealing ifs in the family. we told them the truth, adults have hard times like kids. anit doesn't need to take you down. and the message that they're going into their adulthood is you can be powerful, even in crisis. >> so you believed you were powerful. that's the lesson you were teaching your kids. did you ever feel like you were a pushover? >> well, a pushover? i don't know, all of the things you think i would think were
8:37 am
going through my head. after 20 years of not having my novels published, i'd already been working hard at not engaging the drama in my life because it doesn't serve us when we react to the drama, it just doesn't get us anywhere. so i was really working with the present moment. what can i create in this moment? what can i control? what can i own? and i have to let god do the rest. >> when did you start to see signs that he was coming back, your marriagwas coming back? >> well, his sister was sick at the time. and he went to live with her. he helped to set his head straight in what matters in life. he realized that relationships are what mattered to him. he started to come back around. again, this wasn't a strategy to have that result. if that was a by-product of that
8:38 am
flo philosophy, it was great. >> you are together? >> we are together. >> you don't have to be taken down by crisis, and that you can be powerful even when you feel powerless. it's a simple choice. >> book is called "this is not the story you think it is." laura munson is the author. you can read an e
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
brand-name drugs can be the most expensive things in your shopping cart. you can easily pay more than $20 for a bottle of allergy cough or helper medication. our friends at "shop smart" magazine are here to tell us how to save money. here joined by lisa friedman.
8:42 am
good morning. >> grood morning. >> you can save a lot by buying generic? >> absolutely. up to 70%. they're about the same as other drugs with the same active ingredients. >> in case you are wedded to your brand names, how did you do this? you sent secret shoppers to stores? >> that's right. we have dozens of secret shoppers across the country, we went them to 100 stores. we have them look at the most popular drugstore drugs. two dozen, including heartburn, pain relievers, heart medications. we looked at i lot of stores and did number crunching here. >> you found two stores in particular that you generally get lower prices? >> that's right, target and walmart beat everyone. what's interesting they were neck and neck. for buying over-the-counter bet drugs. on the other hand, we didn't
8:43 am
find any major drugstore chains was consistently cheaper. cvs, rite aid. they were similar. >> let's begin here. show me what you found. >> this is a sampling of some of the drugs we price-checked. the first here, we're going to show you the lowest price on the major drugstore chains. then the lowest price overall which is walmart or target. t tylenol, which is the one of the most popular pain relievers, the cleanest price was walgreens, 8.85. >> that's a lot of money. >> yeah. walmart, $8.12. if you compare that, you're saving a few bucks there. >> what about advil? >> we found cvs, $1144.
8:44 am
the cheapest was target, $10.58. again, you can save a couple bucks between the cheapest and the most expensive. >> allergy, lots of people buying allergy medications. what did you find with claritin? >> we found in general, it's good to go to walmart if you take allergy meds. >> the cheap was was rite aid at $24.05. oops. walmart, $19.41ed. believe it or not, the difference between walmart and the most expensive drugstore change, $24. >> $5 price difference? >> that's right, $5. it really does pay to stock up. >> zyrtec. the cheapest, walgreens, $22.39. the cheapiest overall, target, $18.65. >> a consistent price difference. >> absolutely.
8:45 am
and it really adds up. nyquil, the cheapest, cvs, $6.62. and walmart at $5.03. >> and heartburn medication. >> prilosec is the most popular. you're right, people are taking this all the time. cheapest on the drugstore chains if you don't have time and you have heartburn, you want to run out, cvs, $21.45. and walmart the cheapieescheape overall, it pays to go to the big box stores. >> expiration dates don't buy too much in bulk. finally, the over-the-counter medications still carry risks? >> absolutely. people think they're sold over the counter, so they must be
8:46 am
foolproof, tylenol, take too much, it can damage your liver. also, if you drink and you take tylenol, that can damage your liver. and the other thing people don't realize, benadryl can impair your driving money being drunk. >> wow, benadryl. we have more price comparisons on our website at
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
ex exciting trip coming up later this week. but now, her book has been called the best decision making tool ever. it's the best-seller "10-10-10." it's now on paper back. susan welsh is our new contributor on business economics. she's going to explain it. thanks for being here this morning. this strategy is so elegant and so simple, but it's also very deep. explain how it works. >> well, we live in complicated times, don't we, george? there's a lot of uncertainty. there's information, too much of it, at the same time, too little of it. so people do get stuck in relationships in jobs in places, patterns so "10-10-10" is a way to look at the dilemmas in your life. sort out all the options, consider the options in ten minutes, ten months, ten years.
8:50 am
the immediate, the future, and the long-term. >> and you make three different values for those three different measures. give us an example of how this worked in your own life. >> i've used it so many times. one of the great things having the book out going on the book tour is hearing how people have used it in their lives. i just used it recently with my daughter. i have a 20-year-old daughter. she's thinking of transferring colleges. she goes to miami, she's thinking of going to a more traditional school up north. this is very emotional. there are fraught. we got out "10-10-10" ourselves, jack and sophia and i. we determined what's the impact. what's the long-term impact? we sorted through what was my agenda, what were her values, what was mine?
8:51 am
we took all of that emotion all of the decisionmaking process. >> it ten minute >> with so many dilemmas. every pro has a con. that's why we get stuck. that's why there's dilemmas. you could argue both sides of it, what we did with this, we realized in ten years, she had a value, finishing what she started, that really mattered to her. >> you use that all-important word "value." which is really at the heart of this. in the paperack, you actually delivered a workbook to them them figure out what's important to them. >> people talk about their valuesing but when you push them and say what are your values? what are your priorities? you get people that start to stumble who say i might be living by my husband's values, my mom's values. in the paperback, we have a workbook in the back that get you to know your priorities how you want to live which is critical to the 10-10-10
8:52 am
process. >> what are some of these questions? >> there's three that i like the most. what would make you cry or regret at your 70th birthday are you at a place that you're joyful at your 70th birthday. >> you lose sight of it. >> you are looking for financial security when in fact is what you want is a life of adventure. there are a million different iterations. are you leading the legacy you that want to lead. what do you want people to say about you when you're not in the room? that's about character. whose character are you trying to build? that i'm a great mom that i'm a great boss. that i don't give a damn. there's a lot of different answers to that question. the thirds question is what did you love about your upbringing and what did you hate? the reason that helps you bring out values, you may love things about your upbringing and hate things. but the question is, are you
8:53 am
mimicking what you had in yo upbringing? >> in your subconscious. so you have to determine what you want to presever and set off for your own family? >> that's right. and live by the values that you treasure. sometimes, people say, oh, i really want a family where there's no secrets. i hated that my family had secrets when i was growing up. then they create a family where they have a lot of secrets. so it's really important to live the values. and you can
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
thanks for starting the week with us. tomorrow on "good morning america," alicia keys. >> and downhome cooking with trisha yearwood. >> robin will be back as well. great to have you here. >> thanks. >> have a great day. >> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning, it is a the
8:57 am
clock 56. let's get a look at traic and weather. we had a minor crash in woodbridge southbound i-95. that is resolved. it is heavy to get from dumfries to woodbridge. we will go northbound across the 14th street bridge where traffic is settling down. here is a minor incident on northbound 14th street. we will change cameras to the beltwa at the american legion bridge. that is also very nice. traffic on the left is out of tyson's out of betsda one more beltway camera is at university boulevard which is normal. outside, we have beautiful skies with some clouds.
8:58 am
it will warm up nicely as we go through the day. take a look at our maps and there are a few clouds coming through. there might be a sprinkle in the mountains or two. low to mid 70's when the washington national game starts this afternoon first lady michelle obama will speak at george washington university graduation ceremony next month. she said if they logged 100,000 hours of volunteer service, she would be the commencement speaker. the university has met that goal. thank you for watching this morning and we will be back at noon.
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